At Bespoke Decor we are here to help you create a beautiful home as a sanctuary from the world.  A place reflective of you.  A place to relax, recharge, care for your family and entertain friends.  A place like none other, filled with personality and style ~ just like you!

Founded by a former engineer, Anita, and a former trial attorney, Kelly, Bespoke Decor gives you the 'tools' you need to create your own beautiful home.  

Having careers that often kept them away from home, Anita & Kelly found themselves busily feathering their nests on the weekends.  Ultimately, the joy and importance of creating a beautiful home for their families won out.  They, still unbeknownst to each other, left their professions.  Both turned to blogging to channel all their creative energy, founding the blogs

Cedar Hill Farmhouse

and My Soulful Homerespectively.

Blogging led to their friendship.  (They even share the same birthday!) . This friendship led to their podcast,

Decorating Tips & Tricks. 

The duo even did on location design work together for a DIY Network TV show.  (What a road trip that was!) They are both authors too. Anita is the author of French Accents, Farmhouse French Style for Today's Home now in its second edition.

Kelly is the author of My Soulful Home, A Year in Flowers.

The blogs, designing & podcasting led to a big combined community of like mind people.  People who believe, as Anita & Kelly do, that it truly does "start at home".  People who know that in creating a beautiful home they are going a long way to making the world a better place, one room at a time. 

This engaged community sparked the creation of Bespoke Decor ~ the shop.  After all, everyone always wants to know where Anita & Kelly find their decor and how to combine it in their own homes.  In response, Bespoke Decor was launched as a destination for these people, these kindred spirits.  

In this episode of Decorating Tips and Tricks they talk about why they founded Bespoke Decor. (At first they named it after their podcast Decorating Tips and Tricks.)


Join Anita, Kelly and their fellow kindred spirits and discover Bespoke Decor.  It is a place for those who value home, quality, uniqueness and beauty.  A place where you will find all you need to create your beautiful home ~ your sanctuary.

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Beautiful Life
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